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Our Strength

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities? Join our team of dedicated volunteers at LAWSANAID and become part of a community committed to empowerment, inclusion, and social justice. Here's why you should volunteer with us:

Our Amazing Team

At Lawsanaid, we believe that every individual, regardless of their abilities, deserves support, inclusion, and opportunities to thrive. Our team is comprised of passionate individuals dedicated to realizing this vision and making a meaningful difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Together, we work tirelessly to empower, advocate for, and uplift those we serve.


Founder/Team Lead

Onyinye K. OMENUGHA vision and leadership have been instrumental in establishing the foundation. With a background in social entrepreneurship, she brings strategic insight and unwavering dedication to our cause.

Ewhubare Alex

Assistant Team Lead

Alex supports Onyinye in overseeing daily operations and implementing strategic initiatives. His knack for problem-solving and strong organizational skills keep our team focused and efficient.

Frank Okike

Projects Manager

Frank leads our flagship projects, coordinating with stakeholders and ensuring smooth execution from inception to completion. His attention to detail and proactive approach drive project success

Emmanuel Okonnaya Onwubiko

Projects Manager II

Emmanuel manages complex initiatives, leveraging his expertise in project management to navigate challenges and deliver impactful results. His collaborative spirit fosters synergy within our team.

Ike Kenneth

Projects Assistant I

Kenneth provides crucial support to project managers, handling administrative tasks and facilitating communication among team members. His resourcefulness and adaptability keep projects on track.

Wisdom Obilor

Membership Coordinator I

Wisdom oversees our membership program, cultivating relationships with supporters and engaging them in our mission. His enthusiasm and interpersonal skills strengthen our community.

Chidobem, Izuchekwu Benedict

Assistant Membership Coordinator

Chidobem assists Wisdom in membership outreach and retention efforts, ensuring that our supporters feel valued and connected to our cause. His dedication fosters a sense of belonging within our network.

Ifezie Ogechi

Head of Ambassadors Network

Ifezie leads our network of ambassadors, mobilizing volunteers and advocates to amplify our impact. Her leadership inspires others to become champions for change.

Emanamfon Isaiah

Communication and Dissemination Manager

Emanamfon spearheads our communication strategy, crafting compelling narratives and leveraging various channels to share our message with the world. Her creativity and strategic thinking elevate our outreach efforts.

Precious O. Omoboyowa

Media and Content Asst

Precious supports Emanamfon in producing engaging content and managing media relations. Her creative flair and technical expertise help us effectively communicate our stories and achievements.

Echobu Godwin Owoicho

Graphics/web developer

Echobu designs captivating visuals and maintains our website, ensuring that our online presence reflects our values and captures the attention of our audience. His creativity and technical skills enhance our brand identity.

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